Rules: League

The League shall be called the Chippenham and District Tennis League proceeded by the name of the sponsor(s) if applicable and shall be affiliated to the Wiltshire L TA.
The object of the League is to encourage and promote the game of tennis through the organisation of Matches between Member Clubs.
The rules laid out below shall not be altered or amended in any way except at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), and only by a majority of two-thirds of the persons present and entitled to vote. The Honorary General Secretary must receive the proposed alteration or amendment in writing at least 21 days prior to the meeting.
Membership of the League is open to Tennis Clubs, subject to approval of the Committee, and the provision of a minimum of two tennis courts and associated equipment maintained to an acceptable standard.
The League shall be administered by a Committee, the Committee Members shall comprise:

•"Officers" as elected at the AGM being the Chairman, Honorary General Secretary, Honorary Match Secretary, Honorary Treasurer & Honorary Minutes Secretary.

•One "League Representative" from each Member Club.
A quorum at a Committee meeting shall be ten Committee Members.
Each Committee Member shall be entitled to one vote. The Chairman shall have a casting vote, if required.
The Committee shall meet at least three times per year as follows:

i) Pre-Season Meeting to be held in February
ii) End of Season Meeting to be held in September
iii) Annual General Meeting to be held in October.
There shall be posts of President, President Elect, Life Members and Vice Presidents

• The President's term shall commence at the start of the AGM and run for a season until the next AGM. The President shall be the previous seasons President Elector in the appropriate circumstances an acceptable substitute from the same Club.

• The President Elect's term shall commence at the start of the AGM and run for a season until the next AGM. The President Elect shall be nominated by a Member Club, Member Clubs taking it in turns to nominate the President Elect in order of their entry to the League as determined by the Officers.

• Life Members shall comprise Past Officers of the League and shall stand for life.

• Vice Presidents shall comprise players of the League of longstanding, nominated by Member Clubs and elected by a simple majority of the Committee at an AGM, and shall stand for life.
League Colours shall be awarded to a player who has represented the League in inter- league competitive Matches for 5 or more seasons.
An EGM of the League shall be called at anytime on 21-day's notice by written representation from two Committee Members.
In the event of a Member Club not complying with the rules of the League and following a written warning to this effect, the Officers of thee Committee shall have power to withdraw the membership of the offending Member Club.
The competition entry fees shall be determined at the AGM. All fees shall be forwarded with the annual League entry form.
The Officers shall have delegated powers to authorise expenditure on behalf of the League. No person shall receive payment either direct or indirect for services in connection with the League, other than for legitimate expenses incurred.
The Honorary Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping an account of the League funds, and shall be required to prepare and present a Statement of Accounts for approval by the Committee at the AGM.
In the event of the dissolution of the League, any such funds remaining after payment of the entire League's debts and expenses shall be divided amongst the Member Clubs in proportion to the number of Teams entered in the League at that time.
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