Rules: Handicaped Knock Out Competition

The handicaps shall be determined by the Handicap Committee who shall normally meet before the pre-Season meeting.
Matches are to be played on the scheduled dates or by the scheduled deadline. In the event of postponement or an unfinished Match, due to weather conditions, the Match is to be played or completed within two weeks, on a mutually convenient date. Substitutes are allowed.
3 A Team will consist of two men and two ladies.
A Match will comprise 2 sets of Men’s doubles with 2 sets of Ladies doubles followed by four sets of Mixed doubles being one set against each of the opposing pairs. The order of play of which shall be the A and B pairs playing their respective opposition pairs first.
Each set shall be a tiebreak set, the tiebreak being played at 5 games all.
The winning Team is that with the greatest number of games including the handicap award; if this is equal the winners are the Team who has won the most sets and if this is also equal the winners are the Team with the lowest Handicap.
Players can only play for one Team. In the interest of fair play, it will be expected that when Clubs enter two Teams, the 'A' Team will be the stronger Team, and will be substantiated by the Team in which the players play in Championship Matches.
The winning Teams will be notified of their opponents in the next round by the Honorary Match Secretary.
The final will normally be played on a neutral ground. Rewritten and adopted by the League Committee at the EGM Tues 21st February 2006, with amendments at AGM 11th October 2006.
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