Rules: General

All Matches shall be played according to the current rules of lawn tennis as laid down by the Lawn Tennis Association.
All players shall familiarise themselves with the League's adopted Code of Etiquette and Practice.
Any dispute regarding a Match shall be forwarded in writing by the Secretary of the Member Club to the Honorary Match Secretary, whose decision shall be final.
The home Team will provide new balls (ITF approved), with a minimum of four balls per court, and provide refreshments upon conclusion of the Match.
The home team's Captain shall ensure the scorecard appropriate to the competition is completed and then post it within 24 hours of the Match.
Every effort shall be made to play Matches on the scheduled fixture date. Should this not be possible for whatever reason then it will be expected that the Team Captains involved will re-arrange the Match within the required period. Should Team Captains disagree to re-arrange a Match, both Team Captains shall within 7-days of the fixture submit the facts in writing to the Honorary Match Secretary who will decide on appropriate action. No Match should be conceded.
All scheduled Matches shall commence by 6.30pm unless mutually agreed by both Captains.
Matches may only be halted or postponed due to weather conditions, poor light, and other good reason acceptable and agreed by both Captains. If less than four sets in a Match are completed, the Match is declared void and shall be rearranged. Rearranged Matches are to be played on mutually convenient dates, it being the home Team's responsibility to arrange the fixture. It is not necessary to field the original Team for rearranged Matches.
9 In the event of a pair not being on court by 6.45pm, the other Team shall claim the first set 6-0, and at 7.00pm the second set also 6-0, unless otherwise agreed by the two captains (See "General Rule No.7").
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