Rules: Championship

There shall be a separate Championship for Men's, Ladies, and Mixed Teams. Each Championship shall comprise Divisions of no more than eight Teams and no less than five Teams.
The number of Divisions and Teams per Division shall be determined by the Committee at the Pre-Season meeting according to entries received. Normally from the preceding season, the top 2 Teams of each Division shall be promoted to the next highest Division and the bottom 2 Teams of each Division shall be relegated to the next lower Division.
In the event that Divisions have unequal numbers of Teams, the higher Divisions should contain the greater number of Teams.
Each Team shall play each of the other Teams in the Division on a home and away basis.
A Team shall consist of two pairs. Each Match shall be of eight sets, two sets by each pair against each of the opposing pairs, with a tiebreak at 6-6. A point shall be awarded to the winner of each set.
If a Team knowingly can only field one pair the fixture should be played (unless Teams agree to re-arrange the Match as per Rule - "General Rule No.6") and the four sets not played awarded to the other Team 6-0 per set. If a Team is unable to field the one pair then the defaulting Team will be deducted 4 points and the non-defaulting Team awarded 4 points.
If a set is unfinished under Rule 24 then a half point shall be awarded to each Team for each unfinished set. The non defaulting team should notify the Match Secretary by card, and inform the opposition team, that they are claiming the points within one week of the scheduled match.
League positions shall be decided by overall points gained. In the event of equal points, positions shall be determined by Matches won, draws attained and finally overall games difference.
Mixed Championship Matches shall be played on Monday evenings and Men’s/Ladies Championship Matches played on Wednesday evenings on the scheduled dates, except as covered by Rule 22, or on other evenings to be advised at the time of entry and agreed by the Committee at the pre-season meeting
In any week, no player shall play more than one scheduled Match in a Championship.
The home Team shall put their pairs on court first, and the away Team shall have the choice of opposition pairs.
Rearranged Matches should be within 6-weeks of the original fixture date. Failure to do so without good cause acceptable to the Honorary Match Secretary shall result in a Match result of 0-0 being recorded.
If two Teams from the same Club in the same Division have to postpone a fixture to play each other, they must play the rearranged fixture within two weeks of the originally scheduled Match.
All fixtures shall be played by the 31st August or in exceptional circumstances by a date approved by Hon. Match Secretary.
No player shall play for more than one Club in a Championship. (I.e. a player may play for a different Club in the Men/Ladies and Mixed Championships).
A player having played 4-times for higher Teams in a Championship shall not play subsequently for any lower Team during the season. All points gained by an illegal player shall be awarded to the opposition Team.
For completed matches, if scorecard not received by Hon. Match Sec. within 7 days of fixture date, one point shall be deducted from the Home Team. If a match is not played or not completed on the scheduled date, the HMS must be notified accordingly by the Home Team.
All Match results involving a Team shall be declared null and void if that Team:
I) Withdraws from the League, or
ii) Postpones more than two fixtures other than for Rule -"General Rule No.8", or
iii) Fails to field the full complement of players for more than three fixtures as covered in Rule -"Championship Rule No.6".
Scheduled League Matches shall take precedence over Handicap Knock-out and Over 50s Knock-out Matches 45. All players must be bona-fide members of the Member Club represented.


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